The Eagle in you

July 25, 2022
by Ugo Chijiutomi 

There is an Eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud. 'Carl Sandburg'

Nothing speaks as much truth as the above statement from Carl.

The Eagle is admired greatly universally for its many strengths, its striking presence and its great obsession for freedom.

There is an Eagle in you that screams for expression, manifestation and high achievement and just somewhere also is a hippopotamus vying for the Eagle in you not to emerge. Which will you listen to?

I am writing this to you, to allow the Eagle in you to rule, let it fly, let it emerge. You have probably been wondering why you have had such discomfort from being confined in a spot, it is the Eagle in you that seeks expression.

Do you ask what exactly is it about the Eagle?

 Here are a few characteristics of the Eagle stated below:

  1. The Eagle is a bird at heart that is always at its best when performing for others.
  2. The Eagle is quite comfortable with its own company and prefers to first feather its nests (by achieving a level of personal success before rushing not commitments)
  3. The Eagle is unmistakable and attractive
  4. The Eagle is strong and untamable
  5. The Eagle is self-confident and sometimes poses off as impatient.

Which of these states do you find within yourself, there are so many characteristics of the Eagle.

The question remains, will you allow the Eagle in your Soar? Or will you listen to the voice of mediocrity (hippopotamus) that offers you low-level mud life experiences?

In other words, the Eagle in you is waiting to be discovered, but you must first decide to unleash the greatness that lies within you. This is a decision that starts on a conscious level and then subconscious. When we decide to unleash the greatness within us, then the universe conspires to help us achieve this. There is so much inside of us that we are yet to tap into, we must learn to trust that we are made for more and trust the process.

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