ugo chijiutomi

Ugo Chijiutomi

the eagle
Ugo Chijiutomi is known as The Eagle and the Chief Encouraging Officer. She is a certified Integrative Life Coach, A Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, and has a Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills.

Before transiting as a Life Coach and Therapist, Ugo Chijiutomi studied BA(Hons) Business Management and MSc International Business Economics at the University of Westminster.
Ugo Chijiutomi
Ugo is very passionate about transforming the lives of her clients as she transforms their minds, so they soar like the EAGLES that they are. As she believes that we were all made to fly. Having learned to use the power in herself and connect to her highest self, Ugo Chijiutomi has been equipped to help set other people like herself free to Fly.

Ugo helps her clients build the right confidence to conquer the world, eliminate Fear and other limiting beliefs and develop a sense of worthiness that becomes unique to everyone she works with. She uses spiritual intuition and psychology to help resolve her client’s issues.

Ugo is guided by Love, Peace and Hope.

She values Compassion, Kindness and Freedom
ugo chijiutomi
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Unleash the eagle within you

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